MP3 Sites: Earning on it (Step-by-Step Guide)

From this case you’ll learn how to make an mp3 download website on the fly and integrate it with Affilight.

Have you ever tried to earn on download websites? We are sure that this article will help you to understand the basic mechanics of this method. Our partner network provided step-by-step instruction, so read and know more:

Earning $7,457 a month on sharing APK files: case study

Do you upload and share .apk files? There is important news for you

Not all webmasters and uploaders know how to get additional profit from apps that they share on their sites and file hostings. Affilight decided to reveal some details and share the experience of our publishers about .apk files.

No rocket science: earn with free Android apps

Are you still wondering how to make money on the Internet? The answer is literally in your hands.Do you know that most of people get access to the Internet via their mobile devices? There is no surprise that the mobile market is the best place where anyone can get a piece of a pie. Read this guide and learn how to earn even without any special skills – just by publishing Android apps.