Landing Page Optimization: Increase Your Conversions

Although there is no exact recipe for the perfect landing page, there are a few techniques you can test that will help you with landing page optimization.

If your main goal is to increase conversion, 10 ways below will lead to the desired result.

Let’s discuss each of them in more detail:

Does Smartlink Really Make a Link “Smarter”?

Smartlink is a traffic monetization option affiliate programs provide to their users. This means that a webmaster gets a single link to all CPA offers. In addition, the system algorithm automatically selects offers by some parameters. It is really convenient for any website owner.

A user of smartlink affiliate program can offer more relevant campaigns to his audience, and increase his EPC.

Sounds good?
As always, it’s not that simple. Let’s find out.

Mobile is the New Black: Importance of Mobile Traffic

Do you remember India’s $3,60 smartphone, a gadget that is cheaper than your cup of coffee?

There is no surprise that a huge number of people use smartphones to access their favorite content, so mobile traffic is valuable. Smartphones are competitively cheaper than any other gadgets with access to the internet. At Affilight we believe it is high time to optimize sites and advertising strategy to meet mobile demands.

We highlight 5 main points that any webmaster should keep in mind: