Advertising Headlines :14 Tips

How do you ensure that your website features at the top of search engine results pages? Having a great website with relevant content and well-placed keywords is a good way. That will improve the chances of a visitor coming to your website. And advertising headlines can really help with it.

You go ahead and create a paid advertising campaign. Here you would pay per click (PPC) on your website or landing page. Such ads are usually in the form of a banner or a popup. They keep viewer interest for a few seconds only. So you must make every word and character in that count so that the viewer acts on it. We have prepared for you the best advertising headlines.

How to Make a Quality Advertising Video: 10 Tips

People spend more time online today than reading newspapers or watching television. That’s why video advertising on the internet has gained huge popularity amongst professionals. An advertising video would also compete with all the individual video blogs. It is very important that the video maker gets his video right on the money. Only then will he get the intended results.

To make things easy to understand, I have divided the 10 important tips into two different parts. The first five tips are important to take care of before making a quality advertising video, while the next five tips are important to take care of during making  an advertising video.

July Monthly digest (Top Articles from Affilight)

Do you doubt whether you need traffic or not? Or not sure which landing page builder is better to choose? We are ready to discuss these questions! Also you can find below a list of better SEO training courses (with the links) and benefits of programmatic advertising. Read the July monthly digest to get this information!

The 5 Best Landing Page Builders in 2018

If you are running a paid advertising campaign, you have two options. You can choose to direct visitors to your website, or you can direct them to a standalone single page. This page would cater to the outcomes of the campaign only. We call this kind of page a landing page, and if you want one, you can use one of several landing page builders available.

We sifted through the chaff and brought out the 5 best landing page builders in 2018, so you can choose from the best. Let’s check them out!

SEO Training Courses and SEO Certifications in 2018

The webmaster has to keep track of all the updates in the search algorithms. He also has to make his website stand out so that it can attract visitors. That is why SEO (search engine optimization) holds the key to a successful digital marketing strategy. And this is the reason why novices can’t entrust it. You should do SEO only when you know what you are doing. If you are looking to manage a website then you need to get proper SEO training courses and SEO certifications.

June Monthly digest (Top-4 Articles from Affilight)

Ready to know how to manage your site if you are a webmaster and find a suitable topic generator? Also you can understand more about voice search optimization and even reveal a secret of our traffic monetization! Read the June monthly digest to get this information!

Insider Look at Affilight: what is unique in our traffic monetization?

As you know Affilight is an affiliate network for publishers, advertisers and agencies. From their side all looks really simple: they just need to sign up and start to work. But what exactly can Affilight suggest you?

It is time to lift the veil of secrecy. Follow me to know more about Affilight and our traffic monetization.

Time Management for Webmasters

Managing a website can be a tough job for webmasters. Trends change every day, and so do ranking algorithms. Webmasters need to update the content and analyze the feedback as often as possible. A well-maintained website can be very demanding. Because of this time management is really important.

Now imagine a webmaster who handles more than one website. It can be a stern test for the best of them. If you are one such webmaster, then you need to make the best use of your time. Here are some tips for your time management.