Tricks to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties

Just imagine that you, one day, log in to your Google Analytics dashboard and find that your website traffic has decreased drastically. You will feel that the ground has slipped under your feet, right? While, this is a rare situation, there are many websites that are going through this scenario. No wonder if it happens with your website if you disobey one or more Google’s search engine quality guidelines. Google, in that case, can penalize your website ranking. I have researched a lot and have come up with the below-mentioned 15 SEO tricks.

Testing as a part of landing page’s optimization: A/B test

Some time ago we advised to make A/B test to increase a conversion potential of a landing page. Read this topic to know more. In this article we’ll tell why A/B testing (or split testing) is an essential part of an optimization process of other elements of a landing page.