Monthly digest: May 2018 (5 best articles)

Monthly digest: May 2018 (5 best articles)

Don’t miss our five most popular article for this month. Right below you can find answers to questions about copywriters, ROI and Instagram. If you don’t know why people leave your website or just want to boost your motivation – go ahead and read this monthly digest!


Top-5 articles


1) Fantastic Copywriters and Where to Find Them
This article answers to a few most important questions about copywriters. Do you want to know what are the characteristics to look for when choosing a copywriter? Or on which websites it is best to hire fantastic copywriters? If you want to know this, read and get the answers!

2) Increase ROI: 5 Tricks That You Didn’t Know
We have pointed out five tricks to increase the return on investment (ROI) for your website. These are sure to aid you and make your task a simple one. Increase ROI isn’t easy, but this is an important part.

3) People Leave my Website fast: What I Do Wrong?
This article contains 6 reasons why people leave websites. If you want to know these problems and how to fix it, this information worth reading!

4) How to Boost Your Work Motivation when you are a Webmaster?
If you are a webmaster and tired of your daily routine, this article will help to find new sources of motivation. We are going to share a few tips that will boost work motivation.

5) Website Promotion with Instagram: a Key to Success or Just a Waste of Time?If you want to use Instagram for website promotion, this article definitely deserves your attention. We will talk about essentials to have a good reach of your website page on Instagram and reasons to use Instagram.

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