Blogger themes: How to choose the best one?

Blogger themes: How to choose the best one?

You may often think of how to make your posts more user-friendly. One of the main motives behind updating a new post is to generate traffic. This traffic is what leads to more and more people knowing your work and blog site. Nowadays there are a lof of blogger themes, how to choose theme that will suit you?

Different people have varying points of interest. However, certain key features such as creativity and brightness grab the attention of all. The biggest challenge is to identify the means of finding unique themes.

Read ahead now to get all your answers.

Various Blogger Themes


Some top SEO-friendly themes for blogging and posting are:

  • MH Magazine
  • SEO Crawler
  • TheGem
  • Pofo
  • Schema
  • Genesis
  • The7
  • SociallyViral
  • Jkreativ
  • Parallax
  • Best
  • Magazine
  • Vellum
  • MagXP

These are some of the common themes that bloggers often use while blogging and creating new posts. You may use these on WordPress or may use once to create content and then post on other websites.

A smart choice of the theme is imperative to reach and connect with the target audience. This is what will ensure high engagement with content and consequent profits and benefits.

How to Find Themes?

Now that we have an idea of various blogger themes, let’s find out now how to find themes for new posts.

1. Decide on what kind of Theme You Want

First of all, it is very important to know what kind of a theme to wish to work with. This may include a free theme, a premium theme or a theme that you have especially gotten designed by an experienced and expert developer.

You must be clear regarding the content that you wish to post and the type of viewers and readers you wish to reach out to. Also the look of the website and the consequent posts is very important to gain the attention of those on the other side of the screens.

Please note that it is not necessary to stick to just one theme all the time.  We all learn from our mistakes and trial and error is a great way to get hang of how things work in the real world.

2. Know The Theme Before You Invest

Whenever you are about to pick a theme, ensure that it is worth the price you’re paying. It is also advisable to check reviews on the various themes. This will give you a fair idea of what you’re getting into and how to work with it.

In fact, you are bound to come across several resellers who sell themes at prices that are way lower than the actual rate. It is important to be well-read and informed before making the payment because only after a successful transaction will you receive the theme. The main task at this step is to find a reliable dealer and see how the deal works out.

3. Choose a Dynamic Theme

The theme must be flexible. A static theme for months and years to come is of no good in the long run. This leads to monotony. Novelty is the need of the hour if you wish to maintain traffic on your blogs, posts, and website.

The finally picked theme must have certain key features and flexibility such as the scope to incorporate images as well as write-ups which receive equal space and weightage. Next, they must also allow the possibility to alter colors, fonts and other related factors that meet the eyes.

4. Select Light Theme That Can Support a Good Page Load Time

It is advised to choose a “lean and mean” theme. This means that it must be quick to load in several devices such as the computer, laptop, tablets and mobile phones. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool can be of great help.

5. Check for Updates



You must check for factors like recent updates of the theme, hidden links to the developer’s website and JavaScript libraries that the theme depends on.

6. Other Important Factors to Check

The theme’s code validity must be checked and there must be several checks such as Sucuri Plugin, and Theme Check plugin. Other important factors that matter while choosing themes for a new post are that it must support space for widgets, propose multi-lingual support and offer acceptance of featured images.

Beware of the page builder as it may generate less than the stellar code that hinders SEO. A theme must offer several page templates.

Means of Creating an SEO-Friendly Blogger Themes

Now, let’s find out about means of creating a theme that is SEO-friendly:

  • HTML: This is the pivot which is viewed and processed by search engines. HTML5 tags must be used with a sensibility to ensure that they are able to aptly highlight what is the focus of the content and what is of secondary significance. As a developer, it is imperative to know about the weightage carried by H1 tags.
  • Speed: As mentioned earlier as well, the speed at which the page loads is of great significance and must be fast. In case a page takes time to load or if the texts appear before the images, readers are most likely to think that the website is corrupt and they may close the tab. No one is going to risk the safety of their valued device to read your content! Also, you must take care that the code files take up as little space as possible. This also has an effect on the time taken to load a page.
  • Optimized Images: Lastly, you must also optimize the images you use in order to assure easy and smooth functioning of the posts and the website. You may filter them through websites like TinyPNG and WP Smush. You also must fill all the tags and captions accordingly and should check if there are any broken internal links.

These are important points that you should keep in mind while choosing blogger themes.

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