Increase ROI: 5 Tricks That You Didn’t Know

Increase ROI: 5 Tricks That You Didn’t Know

Almost every webmaster user must have undergone severe training. Besides, there’s the thorough understanding of how to make use of Google analytics tool. This is necessary to increase the profit of the company or individual. It also increases the engagement that the masses share with the content. It leads to the creation of an upward graph of the traffic growth. A dedicated team’s determined work can help in the achievement of the same. Yet, increase ROI is not as easy as it sounds. This is a big challenge indeed. It faced by Webmasters all over the world.

To help you to make the process hassle-free, we have pointed out five tricks to increase ROI for your website. These are sure to aid you and make your task a simple one. The same otherwise may have been tedious and tiring one.

1. Establishing a Baseline

This is the first step to increase ROI, for the webmasters across the globe. You need to first establish a baseline. This implies that you should first sign up for Google Analytics.

It measures the traffic that your posts receive on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This will give you a fair idea of where you stand at the moment. You will also get an estimate of how users engage with your content. Thus, you now know what pulls the crowd.

An important factor is the font size of your posts. It needs to be large enough to not strain the eyes. This new age is all about comfort! Next, the titles of the posts make a huge difference. To set this straight, you can make use of the ever so-convenient-to-use Yoast SEO. Also, ensure that the meta-descriptions for each post are well – written.

2. Use of Images and Videos

Visuals attract attention and there cannot be any debate on that whatsoever. Thus, you must make use of images, videos, and the predominant gifs. Experts recommend at least one graphic after every 100 words. Yet, the images should be quick to load.

Else, the viewers may feel that the site is corrupt. This is also useful for enhancing visibility. It’ll be easier to find the website due to image optimization.

The content created must be unique. No user would like to read the same thing on different websites and pages. Creativity is the key to success. You must ensure that you choose unique themes for your posts. The content produced must grasp the attention of all those who visit your site or profile. Internal linking within the pages of your website is also a great idea. It helps maintain traffic and increase ROI.

High quality content is necessary. It should compel others to get in touch with you or even collaborate with you, as the case may be. In fact, you may also collaborate with others to let more and more people know about you. Thus, in turn, increasing your return on investment!

3. Indexed Pages

You can check how many pages of your site are fetched by Google on Google Webmaster.


To ensure that there is an upward line only, it is necessary to add content. The same should be well-researched and of high quality. Use basic SEO techniques. Share the link on as many social media platforms as possible and avoid unfair means. In case you use any questionable tricks, it can lead to rapid de-indexing. This is not good for the reputation of your website.

Besides this, there must also be a track of new visitors. Check if these users stick to one page or go on to other pages on the site and if old users get back to the site for more content. To make sharing on social media pages wider based, create a share button. This allows people other than the admin to share the links. “Shareable snippets” also encourage people to read and circulate to their closed ones.

4. Broken Link Building (BLB)

You may often visit websites and see that their links provided are broken. This means that the links do not work well. Or, their URLs have some terms missing due to which the server is unable to find them.

In such a case, you may get in touch with the page owner or admin. You can provide him data from your site that is as good as the broken links would have been if functioning. Your smooth work can be used to your advantage. This proves to be a win-win situation for both the parties in the deal. This helps you increase your leads.

A similar way would also be Resource Page Link Building where you can put all the links related to a topic on one page. This makes it easier for the clients to visit your page and pick the link that suits their needs the most. Establishing contact with influencers is also a step of paramount importance. If done strategically, it can prove to be beneficial.

If you want to know about Backlink building strategies – this article is worth reading.

5. Make It Easy to Use: a Good way to Increase ROI

Ensure that your website is easy to use. This may seem juvenile when compared to the other tricks to increase the return on investment for Webmasters. Yet this is a good way to actually yield the desired results.

Not everyone is tech savvy but that should not be a hindrance. In fact, it must be so designed that it easily fits into screens of mobiles phones and tablets.

Modern times always keep people on their toes and they may actually visit your site when on the go. Thus, it must be simple and not too cluttered to give a fresh and spacious look. The aim should be to relax the senses and not play mind games of how to use a website!

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