Website Traffic: Why We Love Traffic Back

Website Traffic: Why We Love Traffic Back

Affilight focused on mobile traffic. It’s our #1 priority. So when we agitate publishers to join our network we recommend to send us only mobile traffic.

However, some of our publishers face challenges and can not separate desktop from mobile clicks. For such partners, we provide a website traffic back setting. Why it is a very useful tool for those who want to diversify and increase their profit from traffic?

We are ready to answer!

Why should I send only mobile clicks? Other networks accept both.

Yes, many networks accept both desktop and mobile traffic. Yet not all of them pay equal attention to both types of traffic. Desktop gives a way higher payouts. In pursuit of high payouts networks concentrate all their resources on desktop offers and leave aside mobile.

We believe that you should be quite happy with your current partner that monetizes both desktop and mobile clicks. But we also believe that if you diversify your traffic you will get even better results.

Hm, I don’t know how to split mobile and desktop

You are not alone. Many of our publishers faced the same challenge. For such partners, we provide a traffic back setting.

What is traffic back?

Usually, it is used to redirect traffic that doesn’t meet GEO/OS/etc offer targeting. When clicks don’t suit the requirements of an offer they are sent to a traffic back Url (a different offer for example). When we are talking about splitting mobile and desktop traffic the idea is very similar.

You are sending all your website traffic both desktop and mobile to Affilight, then we separate mobile from desktop clicks. All mobile clicks are monetized by Affilight and desktop clicks are redirected to your traffic back URL. For example, traffic back Url can be a link of a different network.

Of course, if you have 95% mobile and only 5% of desktop visitors there is no much sense in splitting website traffic. Affilight will monetize your desktop clicks. Nevertheless, if 50% of your traffic comes from the desktop it’s better to use traffic back option.

A quick step by step guide how to add traffic back Url. Increase you website traffic!

  1. Log in your account on (or signup if you don’t have one yet)
  2. Open Platforms and click New Platform button
  3. Then copy paste an Url to ‘Activate Traffic Back’ field
  4. Contact your account manager and ask them to send all your desktop clicks to this Url.

Still not sure how traffic back can help you? Let’s have a talk and discuss ways how we can improve your current profit.

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