CPA networks: what are they and how do they work

CPA networks: what are they and how do they work

A model of cooperation with pay-per-action is useful for earnings on the users with gadgets in mobile CPA now. But why it is profitable to cooperate with CPA and what features does it have?

We will provide you below extra information about CPA networks:

If the cooperation is correct, an advertiser will receive the necessary actions (purchases, registration, downloads, questionnaires). In his turn partner will get good profit. But for such cooperation, a mobile media buyer or a webmaster and advertisers need to find each other. Mobile CPA affiliate networks as the intermediaries solve this task.

As well as in the “usual” CPA business, mobile CPA networks play an important role in finding and supporting advertisers and partners. Also CPA network helps with organizing the work. Everything will be transparent and beneficial to both parties.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with CPA?

Work according to the CPA model looks very simple. A partner finds clients for an advertiser. An affiliate network acts as an intermediary organizing the cooperation between two parties of CPA business as efficiently as possible. The result of work with CPA network:

  • For the advertiser the result is new clients, customers, users;
  • For the partner the result is earnings.

The affiliate network professionally organizes a process when there are many participants in such a business. A mobile CPA affiliate network brings partners and advertisers together. Also CPA network facilitates their collaboration and monitors the integrity of both parties.

The affiliate network takes on important tasks, such as:

  • Search, attraction, and support of advertisers and partners;
  • Tracing the quality of traffic and fighting against fraud;
  • Organization of a system of statistics and tracking, equally convenient and understandable to advertisers and partners;
  • Providing financial accounting, receiving money from advertisers and arranging payments for partners.

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Features of mobile CPA networks

The general principles of this business haven’t been changing for a long time:

– To get customers an advertiser creates an offer, a task what to buy, download, install or register.

– A partner extracts traffic and sells the clients to the advertiser.

If the reward for leads will be bigger than the cost of traffic, the partner makes a profit.

CPA mobile applications of affiliate networks are different from their brothers because traffic from smartphones or tablets is different from desktop.


Mobile CPA networks have the following features:

  • A large geography of traffic, on which you can earn.  In the case of mobile traffic, there are good offers for cheap traffic. For example, for India, Malaysia, and other exotic countries.
  • Additional metrics of users, which must be taken into account. The partner will have to learn a lot of things. For example, how to analyze and filter traffic by type and model of devices, versions of operating systems and even carriers to achieve success.
  • The importance of tracking and analyzing traffic increases. It isn’t really to make money in a mobile CPA without tracking.
  • Another format and type of advertising materials connected with the limited screen size and features of the interface of mobile devices.

The types of offers in CPA systems (mobile offers)

There are several basic types of offers in CPA-systems. Also, there are, of course, non-basic offers, which are unlike all others, but there are not so many of them. In theory, there are no strict rules here. Each offer can set its own goals, for which it will pay money. We will list the most common ones.

Sale of physical goods

It is better to start with such a type of offers. An offer sells one particular product and he has one or several landings for the sale of this product. From these landings you can choose the one that you like more and which you will find effective.

These offers pay a fixed amount (not a percentage) and, as a rule, pay quite a lot. Payment can be charged either for a confirmed order (less, but more reliable) or for a paid order.

The order form is very simple and the delivery is carried out by cash on delivery or by courier, which is a big advantage and very convenient for customers.

Sale of training courses

These offers are very similar to the previous ones by all criteria, but the product is information. Training courses are very difficult products for sale contrary to the common misconception.

Online shopping

Offers of conventional, classical online stores. In other words stores with a lot of goods, a basket for orders, a large selection of payment and delivery methods. Conversion in such stores is lower because each individual product does not receive as much attention as when selling goods through landings. The fee is usually in the form of a percentage of sales, and it is small.

Basically, in this category, there are large and well-known stores with an established reputation.


A user has to fill in some form (for example, a subscription form for a newsletter or any other). After he should confirm his data by clicking on an activation link in the email sent. An example of such an offer may be an offer. It’s goal is to register in the discount club on goods for moms and children.

For such actions pay little money (relatively). At first, it was a surprise – who works for such little money. The secret is in a much higher conversion. A normal conversion is 1:50-1:300 for commodity offers. For registrations normal conversion is much higher 1:5-1:1. So this allows you to earn decent money on this type of offer with a high volume of traffic.


Gaming offers are a specific case of offers with the payment for the registration. And this category is very broad. Payment most often is only for the confirmed registration, but there are other types or a combination of several types of payments. For example: for entering the game, downloading the client program, for reaching a certain level in a game.

Also, you can see the frequent wording “for an active user”. And there no detailed explanations what is meant by this phrase. In addition, different offers can have completely different meanings in this phrase. Actually, there are two options for solving this uncertainty: either contact the support service and try to clarify it or just send traffic and look at the effect. If it turns out to get profit, then everything will be fine, so let it be. According to our assumptions, offers purposefully write such fuzzy conditions, in order to fight against incentive traffic (when a user receives from a media buyer a portion of the profit for “false” registration, but in fact, he is not interested in a game).

This type of offers, as well as registration, is characterized by a relatively high conversion (if you have suitable traffic), which also allows you to earn a decent amount of money at high volumes.
Installing applications

In most cases, we talk about mobile apps for Android and iOS. Ordinary web traffic and dedicated mobile traffic are used for commercial purpose. By the way, if you want to grow your app, this will be useful for you.


This category is “elite”. We would not say that it is simple, but credit offers give good profit in skillful hands. The essence of such offers is that a visitor can fill in an application for a credit, a loan or a credit card. This application will be considered and the decision on approval or rejection will be made. Main types of payment are fixed payment for a confirmed application and fixed payment for a loan. There are many serious players in this category of offers.

That’s all. If you have questions concerning CPA networks, ask your questions in comments.

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